the-youngest-horseman-famine said: *kisses you* You've caught the kissing disease. Now you've gotta pass it on to the next ten people on your dash.

"Um… Who are you?"

((*laughing forever*))


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Fangirl Challenge: [1/5] Movies

Pacific Rim

Haven’t you heard, Mr. Beckett? The world is coming to an end. So where would you rather die? Here? Or in a Jaeger!

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some monster shot my 7 year old family dog with a .22 rifle several times. (We can only find 5 entry wounds and one exit so far) Buy we cannot afford to take him to the vet for help because our family can barely afford groceries as is with the help of food stamps.

If anyone has any extra change, please consider donating to help him! My little brother loves this dog to death, and would be devastated to see him go.

Please donate to my paypal!!! Every and any help is appreciated greatly !


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Can’t we all just respect eachother regardless of gender/race/sex/sexuality

Please don’t fight fire with fire, it just causes more fire.

orite, because not being hostile towards oppression has always worked so damn well, right? and it’s not like cis, hetero, white people or guys ever hurt or killed anyone who wasn’t like them for not being like them, right? i mean, it doesn’t happen constantly or anything, right? they’re constantly hurt and killed for who they are, right? it’s a totally reverse universe, right?!

i may not agree with being complete assholes towards others, but i refuse to respect oppressors or be quiet in the face of oppression. silence never solved anything. the things that solved issues were loud and forced people to take notice, even if it required rudeness or giving people a taste of their own medicine, and if you’re nothing like the folk these are actually aimed at then why are you bothered and telling them to stop treating others how they’ve likely been treated at some point in their lives?

I’m not suggesting that those who agree with this are a bunch of jerkwads, but merely that those who agree should perhaps look at why they agree a little more critically if it’s not actually aimed at you…

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Let’s talk about ‘take your time’


When I say ‘take your time’, what I mean is:

  • Take.  Your.  Time.
  • If you have muse for another thread? You can reply to that.
  • If you have muse for another character?  Guess what; you can reply to that too.
  • If you’re getting feels for another ship?  OMFG. YOU H0R.  No, seriously.  You can reply to that, lmfao.
  • If you’re overwhelmed with other threads?  It’s okay; seriously.  I don’t hate you, I don’t think any less of you.  You get to ours when you can.
  • If you want to drop a thread because you’ve lost inspiration with it; same as above.  I don’t hate you.  I’d rather you told me than fretted and thought omfg she’s gonna hate me when actually, the opposite is true.

Muses can be fickle, fickle things and I shouldn’t have to say this but when dipshits come out with stuff like ‘take your time doesn’t mean you can reply to something else’ — actually, it does with me.

Anybody who plots with me, RPs with me, even talks to me; I love.  Dearly.  And when they reply I squeal like a mad thing because omg the flawless (seriously).

RPing is meant to be fun, lovelies.  Don’t suck the fun out of it by being passive aggressive and a bit of a twat by saying shit things like that.

Take your time means take your time — it’s YOUR character, your blog.  You reply to who you want when you want or when you’re ready/have the muse, okay?  <3

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um&#8230; Reid didn&#8217;t say that quote&#8230; JJ did in episode one of series six while talking to the Night Stalker played by Tim Curry&#8230; she was telling him what she thought his mother should have told him when he was a child&#8230;

um… Reid didn’t say that quote… JJ did in episode one of series six while talking to the Night Stalker played by Tim Curry… she was telling him what she thought his mother should have told him when he was a child…

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